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Morning Mist
On up the hill we go,
Sun beating down,
Cool morning air lapping at bare skin like a morning tide.
Blue skies above somewhere, but for now only the glistening tarmac,
 on up
       on up
             we go
as the hill plateaus and the world reveals itself
The sun light breaking through the clouds,
rolling hills for miles and miles
light mist curling in the miniature valleys
waiting to rise on up and vanish into the deep blue
And down
down we go
the views fading
The green fields hiding behind the hedgerows
lower and lower
:iconsonicsaturn:SonicSaturn 1 0
Blossom unto bluebells
The cherry blossom falls like rain as the sunlight breaks through the trees to a sea of bluebells beneath.
The long drawn out creak as the tree tries to hold on, but short and sudden crash off it smashing to the ground signals it's demise.
The cherry blossom glides through the forest on the wind, stark against the darkened beech bark, barely visible against the lightness of day.
Is it a waste of life, finding the crushed mess of bluebells underfoot?
The cherry leaves beginning to unfurl for their 27th year, now to never see another winter.
Or is it indescribable beauty,
The falling blossom - more in a moment than would come through any breeze - falling into a sea of light purple, in a cloudless blue sky, high above the bare branches of a sweet spring day.
:iconsonicsaturn:SonicSaturn 0 3
Farewell Sweet Sara
Farewell sweet Sara
I thought I would have you for at least a decade, perhaps even 2,
Your understated body of beauty,
We got through Wales,
Through forests
Through the ongoing floods,
And still you kept going
No matter how battered and bruised you became.
Never one to let me down,
And I tried to not let you down,
Though I did time after time,
I thought you could take it,
I thought you could handle the pressure
But I guess I was wrong,
And now you've been taken away from me
No chance to say goodbye.
:iconsonicsaturn:SonicSaturn 0 1
The battle of being and doing,
The battle of being and doing,
Future and present.
To be the person you want to be,
Or doing what you want to do in each present moment.
Do they take you down the same path,
Or near polar opposites?
Which leads to wondering - Do you really want to be who you want to be?
If you're so rarely wanting to do the things to take you down that path.
Are the things not enjoyable?
Or are you merely tired?
Or are you running from something?
As to attempt to become the person you want to be, of course runs the risk of failing,
And so you run and hide in fantasy worlds,
Which in turn are familiar in place, but new in flora and fauna.
Do you want someone to help guide you,
Or to slowly but surely
In your own time
Which may not come for a while still
Forge your own path.
How much of our lives should we spending being propped up by those around us,
And how much can we spend on our own two feet,
Falling down
And getting back up again,
Whether it be through a hand of a friend or life,
But when we ask fo
:iconsonicsaturn:SonicSaturn 1 1
Excuse me Sir! What date is it?! by SonicSaturn Excuse me Sir! What date is it?! :iconsonicsaturn:SonicSaturn 10 2
The Lightning Strike
One day I'll find someone,
To take my hand,
Walk barefooted on the grass,
To where the sun is setting.
To look up and marvel at the sky,
The clouds which seem to hide the secret to every wonderment,
The sun brightening the darkest fears.
Falling back onto the soft green carpet,
Nothing even - Everything odd,
Soft earth with sharp blades,
Perfection in chaos.
Looking up at the deep blue,
Wondering what it must be like to fly,
With no fear of ever falling.
Hand in hand as the storm comes,
The crash of thunder,
As lightning pierces the sky where the sun once shone.
Rain lashing at the skin.
As it washes the world away little by little,
The stones that make up this Earth,
The trees that reach for the sky,
The homes that shelter us from the world,
All that we cherish most.
Everything but this moment,
Hand in hand.
:iconsonicsaturn:SonicSaturn 1 10
My view by SonicSaturn My view :iconsonicsaturn:SonicSaturn 3 8 Bluebells in a Sunbeam by SonicSaturn Bluebells in a Sunbeam :iconsonicsaturn:SonicSaturn 2 3
Turn Around.
Why do I feel the constant urge to "turn my life around"
It's not like I don't enjoy life,
Have wonderful memories and hopes for the future,
Am I not happy with myself?
With what I do when I "don't have anything to do",
Is it because I think society will deem me something I am not?
Or something I am, something inside a lot of us,
Except we all hide and lie from the truth,
Because all of us have parts of ourselves we are ashamed of.
Wish weren't there,
Or at the very least, that those we love and cherish could not see.
But why can we not be open and honest?
With ourselves and those we care about?
For if we are all truely deserving on one another,
Surely they will accept the truth of flaws with open arms?
Even though we maybe terrified inside.
For if we know a truth,
We can see one more clear path in the forest,
Where the sun never sets, is never seen through the canopy,
Forever above us,
Taunting us with what we shall never know.
But giving us the wonder, of all the possibilities that c
:iconsonicsaturn:SonicSaturn 1 5
Wise Nathan is Wise. by SonicSaturn Wise Nathan is Wise. :iconsonicsaturn:SonicSaturn 1 10 Mad steampunk scientist by SonicSaturn Mad steampunk scientist :iconsonicsaturn:SonicSaturn 1 2
On my Two Wheels.
On my two wheels I am free,
Relying on no-one but myself,
If I am to get up this hill,
Then I alone will push,
This head wind is pushing me back,
Slowing me down,
The pedal strokes slow down,
The gears change up,
In for the long haul,
As the grass on the verge passes by slower than usual,
I look up and forwards,
To see there's still a mountain to climb,
But this headwind an't gonna stop me,
Is this best you've got Mother Nature?
Can you really not stop me climbing?
Can you only slow the inevitable?
Of out own downfall as we reach the top,
Breathe in the view filling our eyes,
Not noticing the fatal fall,
That we started when we challenged her,
Thinking she was fighting us,
Not trying to guide us to safety.
:iconsonicsaturn:SonicSaturn 1 0
Christmas Eve 2010 -ramble
Another year, another Christmas Eve.
I could count the years it's been, since I haven't spent evenings beside the tree.
Trying to work out what each present could be.
But why? You are no longer in my life.
Although I made the mistake of seeing a picture of you a few months ago.
I now realise how surprisingly quickly I got on with my life and forgot about it all.
Ah, the perpetual bliss of busyness.
I still don't know what it is about you.
And even if I come to learn what the term for this psychological whatever it maybe is.
I can't see myself ever calling it that.
Not that it matters any more.
For although I miss having you in my life.
Friendship was just too difficult, unless one is pulling the weight of both.
I never liked a once close friend's busyness.
She always had to rush off somewhere and could never just hang around and chat.
Now that I've been in the rush of being so-called "Busy",
I see the lure,
The temptation of it all.
Procrastination without the guilt,
The lies,
The unha
:iconsonicsaturn:SonicSaturn 0 0
Fin is the Whale by SonicSaturn Fin is the Whale :iconsonicsaturn:SonicSaturn 3 9
British Weather
The sun sets on another blue sky evening,
Windows open, Birds singing,
I remember when the sky was not open and free,
When the overcast clouds became the Earth's ceiling.
Back then it was just another day,
Working out the shopping and the work on a good day,
Procrastinating on a bad,
But now with this freedom and beauty,
Forever in front of my eyes,
I want nothing more than to share the view with someone.
The fellow cyclist who'd eenie meanie miny moe is elsewhere,
Those summer's gone by, a dream-like haze of rivers and trees,
The one who's hand i'd wish to hold,
Is as good as a million miles away,
Forever out of reach.
The Who could see for miles and miles,
As can I,
The wind caresses trees' branches,
Like fingers running through hair.
The clouds wisp upon the open blue like a painter's brush,
These views make it all worth it,
Yet you're the one who ought to be here enjoying the view,
One who can appreciate it's beauty in full,
Unlike I who has seen it from birth.
:iconsonicsaturn:SonicSaturn 2 7
Lost in the woods,
The one place where I can find a clear path.
I may not know where it leads,
But under my own will,
Strength and Determination,
It will guide me.
To places new and old,
To friends past and those not yet known,
And perhaps even You.
:iconsonicsaturn:SonicSaturn 1 1


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Mon Feb 6, 2012, 10:43 AM
Where is this activity you are supposed to have? I don't see it! =p
Wed Jan 18, 2012, 6:29 AM
Thu Jun 9, 2011, 1:19 PM
*very quiet whisper so as not to be misconstrued* Your pageviews went over 9000 :D
Thu Jul 22, 2010, 4:22 AM
I'm a firin ma LAZAAAAAAAAAAAR.... :la:
Sat Apr 24, 2010, 6:31 AM
By jolly god ol' higgins, i think i wrote something i'm rather jolly well proud of!
Thu Apr 22, 2010, 4:32 PM
Tue Apr 13, 2010, 3:29 PM
Tue Apr 6, 2010, 2:45 AM
Mon Mar 1, 2010, 3:35 PM

For Deviantmeets, where do you prefer to meet up and spend the day? (not evening) 

18 deviants said Park (Eg Hyde park, HQ meet and summer picnics)
3 deviants said Pub crawl (Eg Chinese New Year pub crawl meets)
3 deviants said Arcades (Eg Namco/Trocerdero (which I can't spell =P))
3 deviants said Museum/wander round London (Eg Sketch meets, Christmas Hyde park meet)
1 deviant said Pub (Eg Met bar/Jugged hare at the end of meets)
1 deviant said Haven't been to devmeets but normal meets prefer Park
1 deviant said Haven't been to devmeets but normal meets prefer Museum
No deviants said Haven't been to devmeets but normal meets prefer Pub
No deviants said Haven't been to devmeets but normal meets prefer Pub Crawl
No deviants said Haven't been to devmeets but normal meets prefer Arcades


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If you ever become hugely wealthy (we're talking win the lottery here) and feel like sharing the love and shouting surprise, ta-da!


It's probably about time I updated this thing as it'll probably be ages again until I do so again, despite intentions to do otherwise.

So, as of writing, I am 24, still living in the middle of Hampshire, in what I wish was nowhere but sadly is becoming the busier south BUT ANYWAY ONTO HAPPIER THINGS.

I got the job! The job being a Forest Craftsperson for the Forestry Commission. Which means I get to work in a forest each day, which, for the most part, is awesome :)

It's a bit more complicated than that, but what I don't have anymore, is looking out a window going eerrruuuggghh I want to be out theeerrreeee, which is what I used to have during some of my part-time support work.
Which was: part-time, on a farm, based in a barn, surrounded by fields, where we went walking. So if I had that feeling there, I dread to think what it would have been like in an office.

Or a warehouse for more than a day.

So I'm just going to keep calling myself a lucky bastard....

I am breaking bikes at a rate of one per year for the last 3 yea- no, 4 years now I think it is. Including a steel frame mountain bike.
This is not something to be proud of folks.

But I am mostly still cycling to work each day, I'd like to be living closer (which means moving out so if anyone would like to join me.... :D) though in the future, because having main A-roads to cycle down is... Not Great. Haven't had any near misses in a while, but winter is coming (shush :P) and it's already dark when I leave in the mornings, and now with rain too!
Which is fantastic in the pot holey state of our roads.

Photography has plummeted somewhat, I'd still like a macro lens one day, but nowadays when I take photos it's because I've spotted a fluffy caterpillar at work (happened quite a bit recently) or I've picked up a dead thing, orrr I'm visiting Boaz and the members want to take photos.

Writing has similarly plummeted, I get the odd thing I want to do at times though, so might come back soon, which probably won't mean a good thing but hey-ho.

My entire activity for things not in-person has almost disappeared in the past month or two.
And I honestly don't know why.

What's bugging me more is that I used to be able to do lots, and now I barely have a text in me.
Which is incredibly frustrating as I have you, you wonderful, incredible friends, who I miss enormously, and want to see and chat to.
But I feel exhausted and I really shouldn't be.

Even with the new guy I work with, whose... Alright really, but fuck I miss Ollie.
I really, really miss working with him, and I had a horrible feeling he was going to leave as I got my job permanently.

Back onto you though, I know I could be texting you in this time, or replying to messages, and I don't know why I am, I guess this is easier somehow?

I know it must feel like I've forgotten about you, that I don't care, or what I'm talking to other people, and I'm not.
I just feel reaaaaally crap about not replying instead.

I think about you, the messages that I want to reply to, pretty much everyday, and if you think I'm not talking to you, chances are I am, as there are a lot of you.

I know brain's are bastard's for this sort of thing, but you mean more than I say to me.

I guess I'm just running away from most things currently.

What from or why I have no idea.

I recently got what might as well be my dream job at this stage (I mean for fuck's sake at 24 getting a job on a permanent contract that they enjoy? Working with mostly people who are incredibly awesome who you can learn lots from?) While I am living with my parents, there's no stress on me about moving out asap

And yeah.
I have no-one closer than my friends, while I thought this would have been the case for longer than a few months a few years ago (fuuuuck it was like 5) by the time I was this age, still happy with all of you in it.

For fuck's sake I don't know why I feel so crap, maybe it's just that I feel really tired tonight.

I bet it's the really, really fucking stupid thing that I'm feeling lonely.
Which is stupid because of course I do when I'm always feeling so tired or arghy or I don't know what to talk so ta-daaaaa.

I'm really sorry everyone.
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Personal Quote: "It's more than *just* a stick!"


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Today is a random day for me to come and say hi PASS THIS TO EVERYONE U KNOW X3
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So apparently and according to deviantHEART you are my perfect match. :lol: But we all know what day this is and why it is there. :P I just wanted to come by and say hello anyway! :wave: How are you?
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Wooooo! Haha, hii! :wave:
I'm good! I've spent the day celebrating a fellow deviant artist's birthday who I met from devmeets and we were all rather hoping someone was going to find us through the deviantheart april fool so thanks! :)
How are yoooouuuu?
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see you on the 9th?
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Defo! :D
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